About LePage's

About LePage’s

For more than 130 years, LePage’s has simplified lives by supplying users with innovative and easy-to-use products for the home and office. Our customer-oriented approach and innovation-driven philosophy have been the pillars of our business since day one.

Our company’s story begins in 1879, when William Nelson LePage invented an industrial glue that was strong, ready-to-use and had a long shelf life. Shortly after, LePage developed a consumer version and expanded his line into other products, including mucilage, an adhesive that’s still widely used today.

Through most of the 20th century, basic stationery tape drove our company, but the total portfolio of LePage’s offerings has expanded, and now consists of a broad range of products, including packaging tapes, a complete assortment of mailing and shipping supplies (bubble mailers, bubble cushion, corrugated boxes), hardware tapes, glues and sticky notes.

In 2005, LePage’s® acquired Gould Inc. This acquisition added depth to LePage’s total capabilities, increased our distribution network, and introduced a mailing and shipping category to the Seal-It® line.

Today, LePage’s® is recognized as one of the fastest growing major manufacturers in the tape, ship, mail and move categories, offering a total assortment of supplies capable of fully servicing its partnering retailers.