Happy Thanksgiving from LePage's 2000
  • Happy Thanksgiving from LePage’s 2000

    November 23, 2012 by LePage's Admin

    Thanksgiving comes once a year, but at LePage's we believe that gratitude is always in season. This year, we are thankful for our wonderful staff members, our business partners, and our loyal customers. 

    As a part of our sustainability mission, we'd like to share this infographic on how to have a 100-mile Thanksgiving:

    Did you know that by purchasing the ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal locally, you support your community, improve the taste of your food, and reduce carbon emissions caused from transporting your food? 

    Cooking up a storm this year? Don't miss How to Cook a Complete Thanksgiving Meal Using YouTube. 

    Thanksgiving, corporate responsibility

    Once again, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at LePage's! 

    Editor's Notes: Infographic via Good.Is. 































































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