LePage’s Receives Hub Award 2013

We're honoured to be the recipients of a HUB award! Watch the video here… 

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Introducing LePage’s Mail & Go Kiosks

At LePage's we’re always evolving our products and services to meet consumer’s changing needs. We realize that the postal system is changing, and that’s why we’re introducing an innovative solution that will revolutionize the way we buy stamps, mail letters and ship packages.  

A recent report showed that although  64% of households frequent the post office, the United States Postal Service (USPS) is in the process of reducing hours at more than 13,000 offices to as little as 2 to 6 hours. USPS believes that by 2020, retail alternatives will replace post offices as the principal means of accessing stamps and postal services. 

Enter LePage’s Mail & Go Kiosks. Together with USPS, we plan to revolutionize the way we think of mail, allowing consumers to ship where they shop:  


The Mail & Go Self-Serve Kiosks will execute 75% of post office services, including dispensing printed stamps of any value, on demand. Kiosks will feature a letter and parcel drop box as well as a mail and parcel pick-up.



The kiosk eliminates 95% of labor needed, which reduces costs and adds value for retail locations. An 18-month pilot project in Dallas demonstrated that hosting our kiosk program increased foot traffic to stores by 14% and drew in new, first time customers.


Unlike an ATM machine, the Mail & Go solution is not a stand-alone appliance but an integrated merchandising solution that includes LePage’s USPS-branded shipping supplies to aid all mailing and shipping preperations. As an exclusive partner to USPS, LePage’s will offer a line of tapes, boxes, envelopes, mailers, and more to  support our Mail & Go kiosks. It's just one of the ways we're helping consumers to ship where they shop.


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Happy Thanksgiving from LePage’s 2000

Thanksgiving comes once a year, but at LePage's we believe that gratitude is always in season. This year, we are thankful for our wonderful staff members, our business partners, and our loyal customers. 

As a part of our sustainability mission, we'd like to share this infographic on how to have a 100-mile Thanksgiving:

Did you know that by purchasing the ingredients for your Thanksgiving meal locally, you support your community, improve the taste of your food, and reduce carbon emissions caused from transporting your food? 

Cooking up a storm this year? Don't miss How to Cook a Complete Thanksgiving Meal Using YouTube. 

Thanksgiving, corporate responsibility

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at LePage's! 

Editor's Notes: Infographic via Good.Is. 































































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LePage’s Unveils new Seal-It Line at ECRM

The LePage’s team was happy to attend the Efficient Collaborative Retail Marketing (ECRM) Summit in Dallas, Texas. We developed relationships with prospective business partners and made some new friends along the way. Over the past few months, we’ve been working at reenergizing our Seal-It suite of products, and ECRM was the perfect platform for unveiling our rebranded line. Thanks to ECRM for having us. 

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Welcome to our new Website

Over the past few months, the LePage's brand has undergone some renovations. While we're still the same customer-oriented and innovation-driven company that we were over 100 years ago, we've been busy refurnishing our public image to better convey our company's forward-looking initiatives. 

As a part of that move, we're freshening up our online presence: we worked with 108 ideaspace to create this website, and we'll be venturing into social media shortly. Look for Seal-It, our star product line, and Bandit, our patented technology, on Facebook soon. We'll also be sharing company updates here, so stay in touch. 


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