Welcome to our new Website
  • Welcome to our new Website

    August 26, 2012 by LePage's Admin

    Over the past few months, the LePage's brand has undergone some renovations. While we're still the same customer-oriented and innovation-driven company that we were over 100 years ago, we've been busy refurnishing our public image to better convey our company's forward-looking initiatives. 

    As a part of that move, we're freshening up our online presence: we worked with 108 ideaspace to create this website, and we'll be venturing into social media shortly. Look for Seal-It, our star product line, and Bandit, our patented technology, on Facebook soon. We'll also be sharing company updates here, so stay in touch. 


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  1. Sunir Chandaria says:

    I really like this consumer-friendly website – congratulations!

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